Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Are we required to show up to the Justice of the Peace after putting our names on the list to be married at the courthouse?

A1: No, this is just a list so the Justice of the Peace has an idea of who may be appearing on a certain day. You may change your mind about using the Justice of the Peace with or without notification.

Q2: Is it legal and binding to be married by an Officiant or an Ordained Minister?

A2: Yes, Arizona Marriage Laws; " Persons authorized to perform marriage ceremony; Definition A. The following are authorized to solemnize marriages between persons who are authorized to marry: 1. Duly licensed or Ordained Clergyman."

Q3: Are the owners and their assistants Ordained Ministers?

A3: Yes, the owner and her assistants are all Ordained Ministers through the Universal Life Church and proudly display their credentials in the Simply Ceremonies office. These credentials are fully verifiable.

Q4: What is the difference between getting married at the courthouse with a Justice of the Peace and getting married with Simply Ceremonies?

A4: Legally their is no difference. In Arizona JPs, some public officials and Ordained Ministers can legally marry persons. The true difference is Simply Ceremonies has a beautiful ceremony room and outside garden area opposed to just a plain old courtroom for the same price $80.00.  Simply Ceremonies also offers other packages, upgrades and the ability for couples to choose specific dates and times.